surprising mum

I'm not a postcard collector. I don´t do swaps in general, but here you can find some of the cards from my collection for exchange.

I´m doing this to surprise my mother. She loves to get postcards from all over the world, but she is not very confidant with the internet and her english is very limited, so she don´t want to participate to postcrossing. With this project, I want to give her the  chance to get some cards in addition to friends and family.


I don't want to ask other postcrossers for the favour to send a card and get nothing in return and so I'm doing this swaping kind of thing. 

So if you want to swap, here we go...


1 - choose one or two cards on this page.

2 - go to my postcrossing profile.

3 - send me a message, so we can arrange our swap

4 - pick a lovely card you would like to send. 

5 - mail the card

Thank you a lot! 


!!! Important !!!


Just send touristic cards from your city/country or cards representing your culture. Multiviews are OK. Please write neatly so my mum can read your handwriting. 


Please use easy english and write clearly... ( my mum´s english is not good and so she can understand your message certainly or use Google translate)  

Maybe use some nice stickers, add a few words in your language (eg. mother, family, daughter) or draw a little doodle.


Some informations about my mother:

- her birthday is in december

- she is a fan of touristic cards

- she likes the color purple

- she loves the card with marks of their journey, so please don't use an envelope


I will be happy to hear from you.




Please leave a message on my guest book when my card(s) to you arrive. I will also post my mum´s comments there.