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    Liv (Mittwoch, 31 August 2016 17:09)

    July 17. 2016 a beautiful card from Hector in Venezuela arrived (totally forgot to tell) It got a bit quite about swapping the past 12 months but my mum enjoys every card she gets.

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    Julia (Mittwoch, 17 August 2016 16:32)

    Hello, Liv!

    I was sorting out letters in my mailbox, saw old emails from you and decided to check your site if you wrote about my cards. Two cards that you wrote about below were from me :)
    I'm really glad to know that my cards found your Mum. I thought they never did. I sent second one (with Matrjoschka) because there was no news about the first card and I thought it was lost. And the whole year I thought that none of them did.
    But now I am glad that your Mum received and liked both of them :)

    Julia (Juliet_Joy)

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    Liv (Samstag, 24 Oktober 2015 17:47)

    Another card from Julia today. I lost trace a bit...
    Don't aktually know who to thank

    My mum sent me a pic and it's beautiful (russian Matrjoschka)

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    Liv (Samstag, 19 September 2015 08:35)

    Forgot to tell,

    Julia's card arrived 1 week ago and my mum was very happy. Not much cards in the past weeks so it was a big surprise.

    Thank you!!!
    All of you!!!!!!

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    Julia (Mittwoch, 19 August 2015 18:04)

    Hello Liv!

    I finally got better and came to my parents' home to see what I received. Your lovely card came and I like it very much. Purple is one of my favourite colours and lavender field with Goethe quote are even better than I expected :) The dandelions are gorgeous :))
    We have several weeks of sunny warm days this summer and now they are still sunny but not so warm. We seemed to have warm days at the same time that you had them. I found Ed Sheeron's Rock in Rio and - you're right he is good.
    I'm also fond of Benedict Cumberbatch (especially in Sherlock Holmes). (And chocolate too by the way)))
    Wish your dreams come true soon.
    Thank you for the card very much!

    P.S. I sent the postcard to your Mum two weeks ago and hope it will find her before long.

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    Liv (Freitag, 23 Januar 2015 19:26)

    Card from Annie and Adelaide from Australia arrived this week and after such a long time I arranged this exchange, I was really surprised too. My mum loved your card and I'm happy you haven't forgot me

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    Liv (Dienstag, 11 November 2014 18:17)

    Card from Crystal arrived and my mum was very happy ( esp. about the many and beautiful stamps )

    Thank you for swapping

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    Liv (Freitag, 31 Oktober 2014 17:09)

    Die Karte von Rena aus der Schweiz ist gestern angekommen und meine Mutter hat sich sehr darüber gefreut. Ihr Gefallen die Berge richtig gut

    Vielen Dank für deine Mühe, liebe Rena

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    Liv (Sonntag, 12 Oktober 2014 17:31)


    Wollte die Überraschung nicht verderben ( wusste davon, dass ihr Post bekommt ) Mama wollte sich persönlich bedanken und weil ihr Deutsch versteht hat sie selbst eine Karte geschickt

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    Rasmus and family (Donnerstag, 09 Oktober 2014 13:07)

    Danke an Mama Carmen fuer die wunderbare Karte aus Thalheim, wir haben uns sehr gefreut!!!

    Sonnige Herbstgruesse aus Italien!

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    Liv (Dienstag, 07 Oktober 2014 20:17)

    Second card from Rasmus arrived savely ( surprises my grandparents too ( they took care of the mailbox on my parents holidays) )

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    Rasmus and family (Freitag, 12 September 2014 23:16)

    hello liv,
    we were very happy to find your letter with the two great postcards and the seeds in our postbox yesterday! so quick, thanks again... our second card is on its way- two surprises is better than a double one, isn't it?!

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    Liv (Donnerstag, 11 September 2014 19:15)

    Card from Rasmus and family arrived yesterday. Your german is very good :)

    Thank you very much, my mum was so happy

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    Liv (Sonntag, 07 September 2014 14:51)

    Card from Romania arrived savely

    thank you very much, my mum loved the pictures

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    Liv (Donnerstag, 01 Mai 2014 20:39)

    Card from PENGSHENGHAO arrived and made my mother smile

    Thank you very much my friend


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    Liv (Freitag, 25 April 2014 20:02)

    KikiLynn's card arrived savely last week. Thank you for choosing this wonderful card for my mother.

    It was great swapping with you


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    Liv (Sonntag, 13 April 2014 18:49)

    Card from Hermione_Chan ( Hong Kong ) arrived two days ago and my mum was as happy as the times before. It is always a joy for her to find your cards in the mail box

    Postcrossers are the best people in the world!


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    Liv (Freitag, 04 April 2014 21:02)

    @ Juho

    Your card from Finland arrived yesterday. My mum was so incredible happy. She loved the pictures and now she want to see the northern lights in real live. She is so amazed that there are people in the world, who send her a card without knowing who she is. Thank you for swapping with me

    All your cards will have a special place in my mum's heart ( and in mine too )

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    Juho-Eedith (Mittwoch, 02 April 2014 17:52)

    Hello, your card arrived today, I hope that my card to your mother is as fast!

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    Liv (Mittwoch, 19 März 2014 06:12)

    Cards from Indonesia and USA arrived this week. Can't find the words do describe the joy my mum feld when she found them in her mailbox. It's so good to see her happy. Now she is proud to speak some words in indonesian and got a card from Houston/Texas and her colleagues didn't. Sometimes she is like a little child *gg*

    Thank you for swapping and hope for more to come


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    Liv (Sonntag, 09 März 2014 21:07)

    Card from China arrived this weekend. Can't describe my mum's reaction in english words. Maybe they don't exist. She was so excited on the phone a few minutes ago

    Thank you Xin!

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    Liv (Freitag, 28 Februar 2014 22:18)

    Thank you Bonnie and Antonella for your cards. My mum was so happy. She was surprised both times, because I didn't tell her, that there are more cards to come.

    Antonella's card was misdelivered first. The address was allegedly wrong. But it wasn't. Now there is a sticker from the post service on the place where you wrote the address. My mother says, that this is something special and she found it kind of funny.

    I hope, there will be more swaps, because I like to see my mum smile.

    Thank you