expired postcrossing cards

to rscyunita - Indonesia - sent 13/Sep/2013

Second card arrived savely

to PTjanasz - USA - sent 13/Sep/2013

to Miupy - Russia- sent 28/Sep/2013

to DaiiKwan - China - sent 11/Nov/2013

To happiness0726 from Taiwan - sent 19.01.2014
To simeon from Bulgaria - Sent on 02.02.2014

to Alin_ka from Belarus - sent 03.04.2014

to kellyann1009 from United Kingdom - sent 14.05.2014

to DJcaptchaos from USA - sent 29/Jun/2014

to Vicktori from Ukraine - sent 22/jul/2014

to Ailulu from Russia - sent 26/jul/2014

to Anutka24 from Russia sent 11/sep/2014

to Junyue from China sent 18/sep/2014

to ShirleyYCC from Singapore sent 2/oct/2014

to dottie from Belgium sent 15/dec/2014

to BelJulia from Belarus sent 6/feb/2015

to Kriana from Hungary sent 15/feb/2015

to EvdW from Namibia sent 15/feb/2015


second card arrived savely

to katherineshiyu from China sent 21/Mar/2015

to Lizzy_Kozlova from USA 1/Mai/2015

to N_atalia_ from Russia sent 1/Mai/2015

to tongzanxin from China sent 21/Sep/2015